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Rust Proofing Kits

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Techshield High Performance Cavity Wax has been formulated for the rust prevention and rust proofing of both new and old vehicles. We have a full range of supply methods from 500 ml aerosol complete with a long cavity injection wand through to trade Schutz canisters that fit the standard trade gun.A bulk spray injection in anything from a 5 ltr Jerry can right through to a 205 ltr drum. Rustbuster also supply the complete range of Industrial and Body shop cavity injection equipment. 

Colour : Amber Honey 

Techshield under body wax is a high performance product that will offer a flexible rust proofing barrier when applied to the underside of a vehicle. Techshields formulation will resist heat changes and winter salts, forming a non cracking dry to the touch flexible self healing barrier that is compatible with all vehicle substrates, will not harm plastic or rubber components.

Colour : Black

Mil-Spec Universal, Self repairing non drying film. When appled to open surfaces MIL-SPEC rust proofing wax forms a dry non sticky surface. Rustbuster MIL-SPEC rust proofing wax is amber/transparent in colour. MIL-SPEC Rust proofing wax surpases ASTM-D 1748 Humidity test and ASTM-B 117 Salt fog test

Colour : Clear

Pro-Wax Injection Kit, this is an entry level Professional spray and injection kit and an excellent DIY kit for the restoration enthusiast. The Pro-wax kit comes complete with an 800mm x 360 degree cavity wax injection wand - a Hook spray wand for spraying cavity wax in a fan pattern at 90 degrees - All wands are quick fix attachable via snap connectors. A specially Rustbuster manufactured bullet tip is also included for fine spraying of Higher build underbody waxes.

All Rustbuster Rust Proofing Kits come with an amount of Techshield Cavity, Underbody or Mil-Spec wax, a Professional Wax Injection Kit and 10mm plugs.

Rust Proofing kits are not included into the Techshield Promotion.

For a guide on how to DIY rust proof your own car click here.

All of Rustbuster rust proofing waxes and products are manufactured from Virgin oils and additives.

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