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Wax Injection Rust Proofing Equipment

Here at Rustbuster, we specialise in providing high-penetration cavity waxes that are excellent for protecting your car against rust. However, you can’t inject that wax into your car’s bonnet or trunk without the right equipment! That’s why we are delighted to offer versatile wax injection equipment to help keep your car in tip-top shape. 

We are distributors for several reputable manufacturers of rust proofing equipment and surface preparation tools including ASSALUB, Monti MBX, Tex Indasa, and Lemmer. We stock an excellent selection of wax injection sets including wax injection kits ideal for professionals and restoration enthusiasts keen to do a spot of DIY. Some of our sets are cordless so you can use them on the go. We can also provide individual pieces of wax injection equipment such as airless spray guns. 

If you already own the right equipment but are in need of accessories to keep your kit in working condition, why not look at our wide range of accessories? We stock a wide range of accessories to assist you with your wax injection including injection plugs, aerosol wands and flat spray tips for your spray and coating brushes to distribute the wax evenly. 

Of course safety is one of our highest priorities here at Rustbuster, so we can also provide you with the right safety clothing to wear during your wax application such as Tyvek coverall spray suits, eye goggles and respirators. 

We’re confident that in our range you will find the right wax injection equipment to suit your needs. However, if you cannot find the tool you require, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we have a huge catalogue of rust prevention equipment to suit every application. Just get in touch with us via our contact page with your individual requirements and we will be happy to produce a bespoke assemble for you.

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