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TECHSHIELD HIGH PERFORMANCE CAVITY WAX (Active, rust inhibitng deep penetrant formulation)

TECHSHIELD HIGH PERFORMANCE CAVITY WAX (Active, rust inhibitng deep penetrant formulation)
Techshield High Performance Formulation Cavity wax. Rustbuster Techshield Classic HP range cavity wax is manufactured in the UK to the highest specification possible exclusively for Rustbuster it is a Honey Clear liquid wax that penetrates deep into the seams of hidden cavities and is used where there is a likelihood that rust already exists. Its active rust preventing ingredients are able to counteract the rusting process and set as a moisture barrier. Techshield HP Cavity wax is supplied in 5 ltr containers. A Rustbuster HP cavity wax is the formulation that won the Practical Classics magazine "BEST IN TEST" acolade. Our latest formulation contains even more ! a unique rust inhibiting additive that both aids penetration and flow deep into the hidden rust and seams. All Rustbuster's Techshield High Performance Rust proofing waxes are manufactured in the UK.


Injection into cavities to form a penetrating rust inhibiting film. Capillary action draws the wax deep into the cavity seams and crevices. Displacing moisture and replacing it with a flexible protective self healing coating.

Easily atomised by wax injection equipment at all temperatures.

Can be applied By air spray, high pressure airless and airmix spray brush or rag.

This formulation can be used all year round.

Penetrates dirt and rust deep into the cavity like no other cavity wax via nanotech anti-corrosion flow additives.

Dispells moisture

Easy to spray, easy to decant, a thin film with exceptional protection.

Will not damage plastic or synthetic rubber components, safe to use with electric locking mechanisms with the door.
Telephone Orders: 01775 761 222


£10.20 Inc VAT
(£8.50 (Outside EU)ex VAT)
1 Ltr Rustbuster High Performance cavity wax in decantable tin ( NOT SCHUTZ)
£8.50 ex VAT
(£10.20 inc.)
2.5 Ltr Rustbuster High Performance cavity wax
£19.75 ex VAT
(£23.70 inc.)
5 Ltr Rustbuster High Performance cavity wax.
£35.00 ex VAT
(£42.00 inc.)

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