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Surface Preparation Equipment

Here at Rustbuster, we offer an excellent range of surface preparation equipment to help prevent rot and restore your car to pristine condition. We only stock the highest quality equipment and no doubt have the right treatment to suit your individual requirements.

Surface Preparation Products

The surface preparation products we have in stock aims to prevent rust and provide you with an excellent solution to your needs.

The products we supply includes a range of rust prevention products including paint strippers, Chror-X salt removers, rust removers and degreasers, BOR-8 anti-flash rust treatment, and the phosphoric acid-based treatment Phos-Kleen. Whether you’re an individual looking to remove rust from your car or a commercial enterprise offering a metal preparation service, we will have the right solution for you.

Supporting Tools

To support our range of equipment we also offer a range of surface preparation tools, which will help you apply your treatment to your vehicle and keep you safe whilst doing so. Some of the supporting tools we offer include hose end sprayers, dispensers, trigger spray bottles, and flat and round paint brushes. We also stock the necessary health and safety equipment such as goggles and PVC gauntlets so you can have confidence that you are treating your car risk-free.

Rustbuster products offer excellent protection for your car and we are happy to help you find the right equipment for you. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01775 761 222 or email to ask any questions you may have, or request our products from one of our trusted stockists in your area.

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