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Salt Removing Products

Here at Rustbuster, we know only too well about the catastrophic damage that salt can cause to the steel of your car or other surfaces. That’s why we have a range of salt removing products specifically geared towards salt removal and keeping your substrate in pristine condition. 

Our main salt remover product is Chlor–X, a special surface surfactant designed to get behind stubborn dry crystallised salt and lift it from the steel with a force that standard solutions such as boiling water cannot muster. Chlor-X is also adept at removing salt from concrete and most other substrates. We can provide Chlor-X in a variety of formats suitable to your individual requirements including a direct-to-surface formula, a concentrated formula for trigger and hand pump dispensers and a 100% formula for pressure washing, steam clean and hydro blasting.

In addition to our special Chlor–X product, we also aim to make it easy to apply your Chlor–X safely with a range of application and safety equipment. The equipment we have on sale includes hose end washers and pressure washer dispensers, along with the appropriate safety goggles and gauntlets. We also offer a salt test kit which indicates whether your surface is clear of salt after cleaning.

We hope that our salt removing products will be to your satisfaction and provide everything you need to keep your substrate safe. If you have any questions about any of our products, or if there is a specific product you are looking for but can’t see here, please let us know via our contact page and we will do everything we can to help.

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