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This product is an extremely high performance two pack high gloss VOC Compliant Epoxy Acrylic finish, providing an excellent topcoat for any of our epoxy primer systems. EM121 Epoxy Mastic. Custom 421, Zinc Rich etc, this topcoat can be used over them all. The standard colour is black you can enquire about any other colour in RAL or BS standard colours.

Custom colours are supplied as a minimum 4 ltrs base plus 1 ltr thinners exact quantities can varies in the colour tinting process

Kits are supplied complete with the colour comp A the hardener Comp B and thinners as well as 2 x Mixing cups.
All technical data is contained below:

Non- isocyanate.
Colour and Gloss retention superior to standard epoxy coatings and topcoats.
Non Chalking
Non yellowing
Long pot life but quick drying
Brush or spray application.
Standard colour is Black, we can also supply in any RAL or BS colour.
54% volume of solids
Theoretical spreading rate 10 m2 per litre
Recommended dry fil thickness 60 um
Touch dry ( at 20c) 2 hours
Full cure 7 days @20c
Shelf life , at least 12 months.

Recommended to overcoat, previous epoxy coatings, and any other coatings after a solvent test.
Substrate conditions need to be dry and free from any surface contamination roughened if necessary.

Substrate temperature should be above 5c and at least 3c above the dew point during application and curing, ( see dew point calculator on this web site)

Mixing instructions mix by volume ( not weight) 9:1 Using the mixing cup provided eg for 100ml paint mix 90 ml A with 10 ml B
Minimum recommended mix is 100ml.
All kits come complete with enough hardeners and Epoxy thinner.

Maximum thinner is 15% by volume, always add thinner to mixed component never to each component.
Too much solvent results in reduced sag resistance and a weaker coating.

Mixing temperature is best around 15c or higher, extra solvent may be required at lower temperatures.
Add thinners after mixing components A and B.

Pot life 6 hours at 20c

Air spraying

5 - 10 % thinners
Nozzle 1.0 - 1.5 mm
Pressure 0.3 - 0.4 MPa ( approx. 3 - 4 bar , 44 - 58 psi)

Brush or roller

Thin only 5 %

Over coating table

Minimum at 5c 24h - at 10c 16h - at 20c 8 h - at 30c 6 h.

Cure table ( dry to handle)

at 5c 22h - at 10c 16 h - 20c 10h - 30c 6 h,

Pot life

at 10c 10h - at 20c 6h - 30c 3h ,

Safety precautions
This is a solvent borne paint and care should be taken to avoid spray mist or vapour as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin and eyes. Avoid at all times inhalation of the spray mist by using a vapour cartridge respitaor. use suitable protective clothing, spray suit gloves and goggles.
Telephone Orders: 01775 761 222


£32.34 Inc VAT
(£26.95 (Outside EU)ex VAT)
1.25 ltr Kit Protect-UVR Black inc thinner & 2 x mixing cups
£28.00 ex VAT
(£33.60 inc.)
2.5 Ltr Kit Protect-UVR Black inc thinner & 2 x mixing cups
£55.00 ex VAT
(£66.00 inc.)
5 ltr Kit Protect-UVR Black inc thinner & 2 x mixing cups
£92.50 ex VAT
(£111.00 inc.)
5 ltr Kit Protect-UVR Custom made colour inc, base + Hardener 1 ltr thinner + 2 x mixing cups
£120.00 ex VAT
(£144.00 inc.)

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