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Most compressors will give you at least 125 psi, the most important factor in selecting the right gun for you is to select a gun that matches your compressors CFM ( cubic foot per minute) this needs to be the free air driven figure (FAD) not the displacement figure used to sell the compressor which will be some 30% higher. For example a compressor with a 14 cfm displacement figure will give you around 10 cfm Free air driven (FAD)

LVLP : Low Volume Low Pressure spray guns, these work well with low CFM compressors eg. 6-9 cfm at low psi.

HVLP: High Volume low Pressure generally require more air volume CFM but at low pressure.

Conventional: Uses reasonably high volume of air and often a much higher air pressure, but great for atopmising paint.

Airless: Uses hydraulic pressure from a pump to compress the paint and spray through a single spray tip with no added air to atomise. Excellent for spraying high build coatings unthinned.

DIY Electric spray guns: Will spray low viscosity materials adequately but unable to atomise high build coatings sufficiently.

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