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Our waxes used at this site

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HOT Heated wax with no thinners, penetrates better, and has a higher dry film thickness for better protection.

FOG Gets hot wax fog every where a liquid cannot reach as it travels up into every cavity and space inside the frame. The liquid penetrates the seams while the fog travels up into every space.

We offer a full range of rust proofing services to all kinds of transport. Applied to a quality assured Iso9001 application system using only the very best products available all manufactured in the UK.

Rustbuster have rust proofed vehicles for over 25 years.

  • New Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Vans SWB or LWB
  • Motor Homes
  • HGV Trucks and Trailors
  • Farm Machinery
  • Plant and Machinery
  • Tractors and coast guard vehicles for the RNLI
  • BAY Search and rescue in the Lake district
  • When the going gets tough call Rustbuster

Our comprehensive and unique service is in our opinion the best you can get.


This is what we do

  • Remove all plastic wheel arch guards and and undertrays
  • Steam clean the undercarriage with a Mossmatic under carriage cleaner
  • Clean using Chlor-X Salt remover
  • Dry the vehicle using a 10 hp warm air blast drier and Infra red heat.
  • Remove any loose layered rust and old flaking coatings back to a sound ginger surface.
  • Convert the surface rust with our award winning FE-123 molecular rust converter containing zinc phosphate.
  • Underbody coating with HOT Techshield High Performance underbody wax which contains added RUSTOL tm Nano Technology for better penetration, adhesion, and rust prevention.
  • Injection of all cavities with HOT Techshield High Performance cavity wax that penetrates deep into every crevice and seam our wax has added RUSTOL tm Nano Technology for better penetration, and rust prevention.
  • Sills, subframes, door pillars, doors, quarter panels, bonnets and boot/hatch doors all injected.

What the press have to say - Rob Marshall of Car mechanics Magazine visited Rustbuster to watch our process read his article with over 40 pictures here

Ask other rust proofers if they do all of this before deciding good products + bad prep = Failure

What do our customers say

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