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When painting steel in cold or damp conditions you have to be wary of the dew point. This is when the steel sweats as soon as this happens or is likely to happen you cannot paint, no if's or but's just STOP.

Steels temperature needs to be 5 degrees c above the dew point to be ready to paint there is not a set temperature. You will need the following information at hand.

  • Temperature in your workshop or outside whereever you are painting
  • Humidity RH

Now click on the dew point calculator picture for a link to the program

dew point calc.jpg




  • Now you know what the dew point is going to be on this particular day


  • place a magnetic thermometre onto the steel to be painted


  • If the steels temperature is 5 c above the dew point it's ok to paint


  • If not warm the area untill both the steel and ambient temperature rises


  • Finally keep an eye on the themometer


thermometre mag.jpg 

Click image to buy test equipment


Magnetic thermometres and hand held dew point calculators are available on our paint test equipment page