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Corrolan is one of Rustbuster's original rust proofing products made in the UK for 25 years and has a loyal following that will use nothing else. They appreciate what nature has to offer when it comes to rust prevention.

Corrolan is now the fastest growing rust proofing product for road vehicles old and new in NORWAY. This is testament itself to the products ability to offer serious protection in the harshest environment of snow, rain and huge amounts of salt, in fact enough to wreck the road surface each year. Corrolan is made from lanolin or as some call it wool oil, the product is extracted from the wool before it can be used. We call it Ramsoil and have marketed the old Corrolan Ramsoil in the UK in both a 100% grease formulation Pure and sprayable formulation Penetrator thinned with low hazard solvents. Why sustainable? We are aware that refined fossil fuel oil based products are not going to be around forever maybe this will not change in our lifetime but Rustbuster are happy to offer our customers the opportunity to make there own contribution to a cleaner and sustainable world by using products provided by nature. As long as we have sheep and use their wool we will have a sustainable supply of Corrolan.
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Corrolan Pure; A grease like consistency in cold temperatures, in summer the consistency is that of a heavy oil. Use in any area you want maximum protection but need access for regular maintenance.
Corrolan Pure can be sprayed neat using high pressure airless equipment or air spray rust proofing guns using a round spray underbody tip. Corrolan Pure cannot be injected into cavities by air unless thinned with Corrolan Turbo. It can be injected by inductrial airless spray equipment, a drum heater maybe required.

Corrolan Penetrator; A ready to apply lanolin oil with reduced viscosity, use as a primer prior to application of Corrolan Pure. Also maybe used as a general maintenance penetration fluid. 

Corrolan Active; A self healing rust proofing Corrolan oil for use in cavities and enclosed areas, box sections, sills, chassis rails, doors and any other cavities in steel or aluminium. 
To view the Corrolan Active Penetration test click below. 
Corrolan Turbo; A clean spirit used for cleaning and thinning

Film; All formulations form a permanently flexible non-drying self healing film. Life expectancy varies on the film applied.
Colour; Honey transparent. Corrolan Pure is darker than Corrolan Penetrator due to it's higher solids content.
Application; By brush, rag or spray, for cavity injection use the Corrolan Penetrator, for items exposed to the elements use Corrolan Pure. Drums can be heated using one of our thermostat controlled heater belts.
Telephone Orders: 01775 761 222

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