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 A range of products that will both remove rust and prevent rust on any metal chromed or polished metal surfaces without damaging the chrome itself.

Rustbuster Purple-X is a super strenth rust remover on both steel and Aluminium or Magnesium wheels where it will remove the white rust deposits. Automotive and marine use.

Rustbuster Winter Chrome is a product we have supplied for well over 25 years this wetter than water oil displaces moisture and is also thick enough to offer winter long protection when left unpolished as a protective coating on chrome, just wipe on winter Chrome and allow it to protect, in summer time wipe it off with some white spirit and polish your chrome with Autosol, perfect for vehicles in long term storage or museum pieces. Automotive and marine use.

Rustbuster Corrolan Ramsoil a very echologically friendly way to protect chrome polished metal and alloys, Rustbuster Corrolan Ramsoil is made from Virgin Lanolin a natural oil taken from Sheeps wool. ( you never saw a rusty sheep did you ? )

Autosol Chrome and metal polish ... enough said still doing what it has always done, the benchmark when it comes to chrome and metal polish.

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